People who choose to invest in reupholstering are usually driven by the wish to preserve the quality of the furniture they already own or the need to hold on to the sentimental value associated with the different pieces in their home. In some cases, reupholstering can be more costly than replacing the furniture. But nowadays, it can be nearly impossible to obtain comparable quality at a reasonable cost. Widely available furniture has gone down in price but also in value. Consequently, even though it can be very easy to replace a dining room set or a sofa as far as initial cost, the return on investment will likely decrease exponentially with time as furniture made today is not usually meant to last. At Interiors by Diane De Cero, we recommend considering reupholstering as a great option to make the most of the valuable pieces the homeowners already have in their possession. Most often, some professional assistance in preserving them can add many more years of use.

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