Enhancing the quality of life can sometimes be as simple as designing a beautiful and comfortable home that fulfills the needs of the family that lives there. Interior design is all about improving the physical aspects of the environment in order to reflect personal styles and functionality within various spaces. Whether the goal of the project is to incorporate clashing tastes of traditional and modern elements into a complete transitional look and feel, or whether it is rearranging or replacing furniture pieces in order to offer more storage space or accommodate a growing family, at Interiors by Diane De Cero we have done it all. We have worked with all types of homeowners – those who have a very specific vision in mind and need assistance in making it a reality, as well as those who are not yet able to pinpoint the particulars of what they are looking for and need us to guide them through their many options. Regardless of the challenge, you can count on our professional experience to help you achieve the exact look you have always been dreaming about.


At Interiors by Diane De Cero, we work with top quality products in blinds, shades, and shutters in order to assure homeowners’ satisfaction for years to come. A great portion of our window treatments projects focus specifically on interior sun control to increase comfort and decrease utility costs. Hunter Douglas, the leader in child and pet safety, has designed their products with child and pet safety as a top priority. By adding numerous improvements to traditional window treatment operations, as well as providing cordless lift systems to most blinds and shades to make your home safe from potential hazards. Regardless of the window size or shape, we are always able to offer the best suggestion based on the advantages and disadvantages of available choices. While doing that, we also take into consideration the visual aspect of various window treatments. After all, we believe that saving on energy use does not have to happen at the cost of making spaces look amazing. Partner with Interiors by Diane De Cero to increase the comfort of your family while at the same time improving the aesthetic value of your home.


The choices in custom window treatments are truly endless – from options in draperies and valances to blinds, shades, and shutters. Window treatments can be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. As I always say, Window Treatments are the ball gowns of every room! At Interiors by Diane De Cero, we take pride in our extensive knowledge and experience in assisting homeowners in making the most of their investment in custom window treatments. We focus on the goals for each room – whether it be adding a soft touch to the décor, allowing more natural light into the space, or creating a desired level of privacy. Consequently, our clients truly fall in love with the transformation that can be achieved within their home with custom window treatments. They gain new appreciation for the unique features of each room in their property as they start to see their home in a whole new light.


People who choose to invest in reupholstering are usually driven by the wish to preserve the quality of the furniture they already own or the need to hold on to the sentimental value associated with the different pieces in their home. In some cases, reupholstering can be more costly than replacing the furniture. But nowadays, it can be nearly impossible to obtain comparable quality at a reasonable cost. Widely available furniture has gone down in price but also in value. Consequently, even though it can be very easy to replace a dining room set or a sofa as far as initial cost, the return on investment will likely decrease exponentially with time as furniture made today is not usually meant to last. At Interiors by Diane De Cero, we recommend considering reupholstering as a great option to make the most of the valuable pieces the homeowners already have in their possession. Most often, some professional assistance in preserving them can add many more years of use.


Many people enjoy making their homes reflect their personal décor tastes; however, there are also those homeowners who absolutely dread the process out of fear of getting it all wrong. Regardless of the category our clients fit in, most have a difficult time navigating through the immense pool of choices when it comes to colors, fabrics, and styles. At Interiors by Diane De Cero, our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in regards to professional home décor. We dissect every room while keeping in mind the overall look and feel of the home in order to make every space inviting and comfortable. In the process, we often inevitably help homeowners to fall in love with their property all over again. After all, home décor reflects the life of the family that lives in the home. And when the two are aligned, imperfect homes become dream homes.


Making the right first impression when it comes to home selling can make a significant difference on the time it takes to seal the deal. When considering available properties, homebuyers are driven by the potential of envisioning each home they are considering as their own. Home staging is one of the best tools sellers have in assisting homebuyers in the selection process in order to increase the chances that it is their home that is ultimately chosen as the one. At Interiors by Diane De Cero, we take pride in offering our clients a competitive advantage on the real estate market. We work tirelessly to uncover the best features of every room so that future buyers fall in love with the home as soon as they walk through the front door. In transforming the homes of our clients, we focus on leaving a lasting impression on every family considering the listing. If you are getting ready to list your home, we encourage you to consider home staging as an affordable option you have to sell quicker.

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